About Advanced Secure

Advanced Secure Technologies was founded to provide high-quality, high-tech secure document solutions to organisations that need protection from fraud.

We have many years experience in the secure document industry and we’re constantly pioneering the application of technology that stops document fraud.

Our innovative range of cutting-edge security features represents the best solutions available today. We are at the forefront of the industry and we lead the way in best practice.

We recognise the impact that counterfeiting and alteration can have on your organisation’s reputation and identity. And we’re committed to helping you combat the fraudsters.

To emphasise the importance of this, in 2008 we launched our STOP FRAUD Programme

STOP FRAUD is a best practice research programme – developed to protect our customer’s secure documents and processes against fraudulent attack.

We consider all of the areas at risk within a secure document process and provide solutions to eliminate these fraud dangers.

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