Secure Custom Cheques

Our corporate secure cheques have been developed to protect your company finances. 

We’ve developed our cheque technologies in partnership with the financial sector to protect your corporate cheques from alteration and illegal reproduction, so your business risk is significantly reduced.

Cheque fraud is a serious threat and, with the economic environment tougher than ever, it’s never been more vital to protect your finances.

It’s becoming easier to reproduce standard cheques because of high-tech computers, scanners, colour printers and the internet. Fraudsters typically target standard cheque designs, as these standard design cheques are used by thousands of organisations.

Corporate Secure Cheques protect your cheques and your organisation by including your corporate image as the cornerstone of the cheque’s security. Using our specialist secure design software we develop a security design incorporating your corporate branding, creating highly secure cheques unique to your organisation.

Our Secure Cheques provides maximum protection against cheque alteration and counterfeit fraud. Our secure cheques feature advanced security features that vastly improve outdated cheque and combat fraud.

  • Access to design software to create your own unique, branded designs.
  • Personalised banknote-level security graphics that are extremely difficult to reproduce.
  • The latest secure inks and papers, embedded with cutting-edge security features.
  • Peace of mind – with secure printing, storage and delivery to nominated signatories.

In addition, to help you streamline your cheque issuing process, we offer our Digital Cheques Solution helping your organisation to become more efficient and secure. Our Digital Cheques software can be tailored to your requirements and lock in protection for your business.

For more information about our secure cheques, please complete the ‘Send an enquiry’ form and one of our team will be in touch.

Clarke Willmott LLP
In my experience dealing with Advanced Secure Technologies over the past 5 years I have found the service they provide proactive helpful and supportive. The team there are excellent at following up on deliveries and managing my expectations with regards to timing and cost. Their products we are supplied with are always of a high quality and we have had no cause to find fault with them. When an engineer has been required to make an on-site visit to fix a problem with software/hardware, their specialist technical knowledge has always enabled us to work towards a successful resolution. I have found the sales and support team to have a sound knowledge of our business and our requirements.