Digital Certificates Software

Technology is moving at a rapid pace… and so are the fraudsters. At Advanced Secure, we don’t stand still.

We’ve invested in research and development to bring you our innovative new digital certificate technology.

The intrinsic value of certificates places them at risk of illegal attack by fraudsters who may attempt to reproduce them or make an illegal alteration. Our system streamlines the certificate issuing process and reduces the workload associated with printing your certificates, transcripts/unit certificates, admission documents, bank account and council tax letters.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced the laser printing process to reduce the risk of document fraud throughout the process. Digital Certificates is customised to work with your existing Student Record system enabling seamless integration.

As part of our commitment to beat document fraud, we’re leading the way with a campaign for best practice. You can feel confident you’re in the safe hands of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience – to support you to become better protected.

Digital Certificates offers you:

  • Locked-down protection with a secure licence key.
  • Access to high-security papers only available in limited supply.
  • Enhanced printing with high-security lockable laser printers.
  • Easy auditing with transactional tracking.

For more information about our Digital Certificates solution, please complete the ‘Send an enquiry’ form and one of our team will be in touch.

1st4sport Qualifications
As a business, we were aware that home scanning and printing had improved to the point where our certificates could be reproduced. We really needed a solution that could reduce this risk. Advanced Secure have given us a product that has not only impressed our customers with its design and quality, but has reduced our processing time for producing new certificates.