Digital Cheques Software

Bring your business fully up to date with the latest digital technologies for issuing cheques with our secure digital solution.

We’re leading the way within our industry with this increasingly popular choice for many of the world’s leading financial companies, law firms and local authorities.

Many systems used for issuing corporate cheques are outdated. As a result the security, control and efficiency they provide is often limited. Our system is easy to install and easy to use – allowing you to control all the various duties associated with cheque issuing from one central source.

We customise our package to integrate with your existing accounting package and we provide full on-site training.  You’ll gain access to Cheque and Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC) approved desktop printers that lock down security with protected paper trays and fonts. And you’ll be amazed at how much more streamlined, efficient and secure your cheque issuing process becomes.

Our digital cheques solution gives you:

  • Access to lockable, C&CCC approved high-quality laser printers.
  • Easy management with web-based remote cheque authorisation.
  • Secure tracking with a unique numbering system.
  • Top-level security with encrypted data.
  • Protected cheque payment processes – controlled and integrated with your systems.

For more information about our Digital Cheques solution, please complete the ‘Send an enquiry’ form and one of our team will be in touch.

City of London Corporation
At the City of London we went live with our new cheque printing solution in 2009, we have been extremely happy with the new process in terms of software provided, the associated printer along with the support given during and post implementation. The whole process is secure, fast and easy to use.