Secure Gift Vouchers

Getting a gift voucher feels like a real treat – whether it’s been carefully chosen by a friend, sent as a thank you to a client or offered as a way of making amends. 

Gift vouchers can really help your business to increase sales, entice new customers and maintain valuable relationships.

Our secure gift vouchers give you the power to create designs that fully support your brand and reflect the true value of your products. We use state of the art technology to print beautiful gift vouchers that embed high-security features whilst promoting your brand.

Companies already using gift vouchers may in many cases simply ‘make do’ with vouchers printed on standard paper with limited security. This makes it much easier to counterfeit the vouchers. Our anti-counterfeiting methods protect your business from illegal voucher reproduction, illegal printing, and fraudulent copying. They shield you from loss of income, wasted time, and they keep your reputation safe with customers.

Our secure gift vouchers give you:

  • Instant voucher validation with a heat reactive spot – just rub it to authenticate your voucher.
  • Access to unique, controlled-supply paper that is watermarked for added security.
  • Extra protection from hologram misuse with an overprinted holographic foil strip that looks attractive too.

For more information about our secure gift vouchers, please complete the ‘Send an enquiry’ form and one of our team will be in touch.