About Advanced Secure

Advanced Secure Technologies was founded to provide high-quality, high-tech secure document solutions to organisations that need protection from fraud.

At Advanced Secure, we specialise in protecting organisations against document fraud.

We provide technology solutions for the secure production and issuing of high security printed and electronic documents. Our advanced technologies protect documents while safeguarding organisation’s brands and reputations.

With our specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the secure document market, we provide our customers with a holistic solution for all of their secure document requirements.

Secure Product Range


Our innovative range of security features deliver the best solutions available today and protect millions of documents annually.

In the education sector, we lead the way in best practice and set the standard for certification, protecting hundreds of Universities, Professional Bodies, Qualification Organisations and Further Education Institutes globally.

We supply millions of C&CCC (Cheque and Credit Clearing Company) approved cheques annually to many industries including financial, legal, insurance and local government.

Our Gift Vouchers help protect the reputation of some of the UK’s best-loved tourist attractions as well as numerous hotels, restaurants and retailers from the risk of illegal reproduction, printing, and fraudulent copying.

We provide our secure software applications – Digital Certificates and Digital Cheque – to help organisations across the globe to streamline and enhance their document issuing processes.

Digital Certificates is now delivering the global standard for eCertification.



We recognise the impact that counterfeiting and alteration fraud can have on your organisation’s reputation, that’s why we’re committed to helping you combat the fraud risks.

To emphasise the importance of this, in 2008 we launched the STOP FRAUD! Programme.

With our STOP FRAUD! programme, we are committed to continuous development, ensuring your documents remain protected against illegal attacks and ahead of the evolving risks.