Your Questions Answered

We have a great deal of experience in document security – these are some of the questions our clients often ask. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, call a member of our team on 029 2077 6800 or use our enquiry form. We will be happy to answer any questions.

1. Can I design secure documents in my organisation’s established style?

We recommend that all security documents should be supplied with a high-security design unique to each customer. The first step of the service we provide is to discuss with the security design concept with each customer and then our security designers create a personalised/branded security design for you.

2. Can I opt for some security features and not others?

We are totally committed to providing high-level document security for our customers. As part of this, it is our understanding that our customers choose to use work with us, for both the technologies we provide and the best practice advice we offer. As part of our service, we always recommend the level of security features to provide the required level of security appropriate for each document and the threat it faces.

3. What support do you offer as part of your ongoing customer service?

We have a dedicated customer service team, committed to looking after the needs of all customers. In addition, a national network of engineers are on hand to provide on-site support for our high-security laser printers.

4. What happens if someone tries to illegally attack one of your documents?

As part of our on-going STOP FRAUD programme, we offer a free analysis of any fraudulent attack against our customers secure documents, identifying the cause and recommending additional security to address any identified security issues.

5. Are you Cheque & Credit Clearing Company accredited?

All of our Advanced Secure cheque products are manufactured by the UK’s leading C&CCC Accredited security printer. Providing leading edge cheque security and on-going cheque printing development.

6. How can I make sure other organisations know that my documents are secure?

As part of our STOP FRAUD Service, we provide a secure document implementation process for our customers. This ensures that the adoption of our Security Technologies deliver the planned improvement in the customer’s security documents.