Case Study: Queen Mary University of London

22 Nov 2017

In the latest in our new series of customer case studies, we asked Queen Mary University of London what they thought of working with Advanced Secure Technologies to produce their secure Certificate and Transcripts.

“Queen Mary University of London have issued degree certificates and transcript paper from Advanced Secure Technologies over a number of years now, and we have always been impressed at the quality of the product and the customer service. When the certificate was first being designed we received a lot of valuable support and the level of detail that was ultimately possible on the foiling has been impressive.

We have received a large number of compliments on the appearance of the documentation we issue and, even aside from that, we recognise that the multiple built-in security features have massively decreased the possibility of effective forgery.

Even now several years on we speak to Advanced Secure staff several times a year and they have consistently been really friendly and helpful. All orders have arrived in a very timely way, we are never left hanging in terms of quotes or advice and we have been extremely pleased that we have used them for transcripts and certificate paper.”

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