Oil Executive invented 3 degrees on his CV to land a £120,000 job

14 Dec 2017

A £120,000 a year, Managing Director has been jailed for 12 months for lying about his academic qualifications on his CV.

The oil executive was sentenced in Darlington, after inventing three degrees and awarding himself a first-class honours degree in Petroleum engineering. The fraudster also claimed to have written an academic paper.

His fake qualifications saw the 48-year-old appointed as Managing Director of an engineering company in Country Durham in June 2016, with responsibility for two multi-million pound contracts in Kazakhstan. He received a basic salary of £120,000, a resettlement package, a £10,000 car allowance and bonuses. Within three months colleagues noticed that he was out of his depth and began an investigation into his background.

Prosecutor Jenny Haigh told the crown court:

‘The defendant responded [to a job advert] and sent in his CV. He appeared to fill the criteria due to his qualifications

He claimed to be a Master’s in business administration, a Master of Science in petroleum engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Service Science.

The decisive factor was the academic paper, which appeared to prove that he, was one of the finest engineering brains in the world’.


The Judge in summing up said:

“This was not just claiming an extra GCSE or A level, this was fraud at the highest end of CV falsehood”


Adding that it was a high culpability deliberate fraud and had the company not promptly discovered his deceit it could have cost them the contracts worth millions.

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Source: Daily Mail | 14 December 2017