Advanced Secure Technologies secure certificate papers are currently protecting over 150 of the UK’s leading universities, awarding organisations, membership institutes and the professional training market sectors from the threat of counterfeit and alteration fraud.


Certificate fraud is committed when a fraudster either counterfeits the certificate or illegally alters the personalised details, such as the individual’s name or date of issue.

With our knowledge and experience of the secure certificate market, we help protect our customers from these threats.


As the UK market leader in secure certification we lead the way, providing our customers with the same high standard of advanced security creating a ‘currency effect’ for certification. This currency effect means that there is a greater awareness of the security in our certificates ensuring that they are more secure and fraud is prevented.

Advanced Secure Certificates provide great value for this high level of security, including:

  • Unique, controlled-supply genuine watermark paper.
  • Secure holographic visual deterrent giving extra protection from illegal counterfeiting.
  • Branded overprint of the hologram, personalising it with your branding.
  • Personalised, complex graphics using banknote-level security.
  • Multi-coloured micro-numismatic UV.
  • Unique anti-alteration technology to prevent illegal alteration


For more information about our secure certificates and how advanced secure can help protect your organisation against the threat of fraudulent attack, please complete the ‘send an enquiry’ form and one of our team will be in touch. OR call us on +44 (0) 29 2077 6800.

Did you know? We also provide secure transcripts? Click HERE to find out more.

We can also help you streamline your certificate issuing process, through our Digital Certificates Solution helping your organisation to become more efficient and secure.

"We have received a large number of compliments on the appearance of the documentation we issue and, even aside from that, we recognise that the multiple built-in security features have massively decreased the possibility of effective forgery." - Queen Mary University of London

"Trinity Laban has recently acquired taught degree awarding powers and it was important that we were able to issue certificates from the outset that were professional and secure with a design that reflected our institutional identity." - Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

"The security features included on the certificates help us to maintain the integrity of learning, providing the end user with the confidence that the certificate before them is the genuine article. The certificates are always of very high quality and when new security features are developed Advanced Secure are quick to make sure we can reap the benefit." - Fire Industry Association