Digital Payments Solution

Digital Payments from Advanced Secure Technologies delivers a highly secure and efficient solution for your organisations’ payment requirements.

We’re leading the way with our increasingly popular payment solution for many of the world’s leading financial companies, law firms, and local authorities.


Figures released by UK Finance for 2018, showed a staggering £1.2billion stolen by criminals – making fraud one of the biggest forms of crime in the UK.


Our Digital Payments solution has been developed as a web application that streamlines payment processes in your organisation and eliminates the inefficiencies, security and fraudulent risks concerned with a conventional payment issuing process.

The entire process brings efficiency and convenience benefits to your organisation eliminating the need to track down payment authoriser, as the Digital Payment solution delivers live onscreen notifications supported by email & SMS notifications to relevant users informing them of pending activity.

Digital Payments will bring numerous benefits to your organisation including:

  • STOP Fraud with two-factor authentication, Data Encryption, and Encrypted Digital Signatures.
  • Efficiency for your payment issuing process.
  • Flexible workflow to meet your organisation requirements.
  • Authorise on-demand via secure mobile access – supporting flexible and remote working.
  • Centralised control of payment issuing.
  • Active Directory Integration for setting user roles and permissions.
  • Localised payment issuing and distribution.
  • Reduces operating costs.


For more information about our Digital Payments solution, please complete the ‘send an enquiry’ form and one of our team will be in touch. OR call us on +44 (0) 29 2077 6800.