Our secure transcripts are protecting many of the country’s leading higher and further education institutions from the threat of counterfeit and alteration fraud.

Transcripts (Diploma Supplements and HEARs) go beyond the basic details of a certificate, they typically include the qualification obtained, modules taken and marks achieved. Detailing the start date, programme of study, level and degree class/grade awarded, providing an official summary of academic performance for students/learners/graduates.


Transcript alteration fraud is a growing problem for universities and awarding organisations, directly affecting the integrity of the qualifications and the reputation of institutes. Protection of these high-volume documents is therefore critical.


As the UK market leader, we specialise in providing education providers with additional security and increased protection against fraud for transcripts (diploma supplements and HEARs).

By providing all our customers with the same high standard of advanced security we’ve created a ‘currency effect’ for academic transcripts. This currency effect means that there is a greater awareness of the security in our transcripts ensuring that our transcript papers are more secure and fraud is prevented.

Advanced secure transcripts provide great value for this high level of security, including:

  • Unique, controlled-supply genuine watermark paper.
  • Secure holographic visual deterrent giving extra protection from illegal counterfeiting.
  • Customised Security Design using banknote level security.
  • Patented Anti-alteration features to prevent illegal changes to the transcript.


For more information about our secure transcript range, and to find out how we can help your organisation combat the risk of fraud, complete the get in touch form and one of our team will be in touch. OR call us on +44 (0) 29 2077 6800.

"Advance Secure provide both our certificate and transcript paper, and we are extremely happy with the service that we have received.

From the first appointment we had with them, to the delivery of our documents, every stage was managed efficiently and with attention paid to our requirements.

The finished documents not only have the all the security features that are needed but also a design that has included elements which are both traditional and contemporary." - University of Wolverhampton