STOP FRAUD! - Best Practice

STOP FRAUD! is our best practice programme. At Advanced Secure we developed STOP FRAUD! to protect our customer’s secure document and secure processes against fraudulent attack. In doing so we consider all of the areas at risk within a secure document process and provide solutions to eliminate these fraud dangers.

The STOP FRAUD! programme is underpinned by our commitment to a set of best practice principles to STOP FRAUD!.

STOP FRAUD! – Best Practice Principles


  • Consider all areas of the secure document process that may be at risk of fraudulent attack.
  • Invest in Research and Development to ensure our secure technologies remain ahead of the fraudster.
  • Design security documents and products with a consistent range of security features.
  • Provide technologies & secure documents that have multi-level security features to deter fraudsters.
  • Include a range of both overt and covert security features that protect our secure technologies & secure documents.
  • Constantly review and enhance our secure technologies & secure document security features.
  • Restrict access to secure document raw materials.
  • Create awareness of the security technologies employed with all stakeholders.

STOP FRAUD! – Research and Development programme


Our aim is to ensure our secure document customers always remain ahead of the fraudster – and thereby prevent fraud for our customers.

Through the STOP FRAUD! – Research and Development programme we constantly deliver new developments in secure document technologies.