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Working together to stop fraud, Advanced Secure Technologies’ strategic partnership with Hedd delivers a transformation in degree verification. Our commitment to a sector-wide initiative is reflected in offering automated degree verification with Hedd’s service to stop degree fraud and protect the reputation of UK universities.

This combined with our Digital Certificates Solution will significantly reduce administrative workload by eliminating the need for manual verification activities, providing a faster response for graduates seeking employment.

To promote the significance of this collaboration, Advanced Secure will make an official announcement at the Academic Registrars Council (ARC) Annual Conference, held at the Hilton Brighton Metropole from 8 – 10 November 2023.

Enhancing academic integrity and efficiency 

Our partnership creates a connected verification process for universities that automates how employers manage and verify degrees, eliminating manual verification activities. This makes it easier to verify, enhancing the security and integrity of degrees whilst providing a faster response for graduates seeking employment.

What Advanced Secure & Hedd have to say about the integration

Kevin Bassett, Managing Director of Advanced Secure Technologies, stated, “Our collaboration with Hedd marks a significant step in the modernisation of degree verification. Working together introduces an exceptional level of trust, transparency and speed in degree verification. Our technologies ensure every verification is secure, accurate and immediate. Protecting degree integrity and delivering an outstanding service for graduates seeking employment.”

 Woman with glasses using tablet to view screen - degree verification process automated.

Echoing this sentiment, Chris Rea, Head of Commercial Services at Hedd, commented, “Hedd’s partnership with Advanced Secure Technologies will streamline the verification process for our third-party enquirers, deliver great efficiencies for our university partners and help protect the investment students make in their employability. This development is a pivotal move in our ongoing efforts to prevent degree fraud and protect the reputation of UK higher education.”

Advanced technology for a streamlined degree verification process

Connecting Advanced Secure’s Digital Certificates Solution with Hedd’s verification service enables real-time data for instant degree verification. This significantly reduces the administrative workload for our customers and ensures the accuracy of graduates’ qualifications. This partnership not only benefits universities by automating time-consuming tasks but also supports graduates in their employment endeavours and assists employers in recruitment.

What this means for universities, graduates and employers

  • Secure connected system – eliminating degree fraud
  • Reduce workload – save 500+ hours annually
  • Improved service – with instant degree verification

About Advanced Secure Technologies

Founded in 2004, Advanced Secure Technologies stands at the forefront of fraud prevention, setting the global standard for secure printed & secure digital certification technologies. Our holistic approach integrates multiple layers of security throughout the issuance process to keep our customers ahead of fraud risks. Driven by innovation and a customer-first culture – Advanced Secure combine 150 years of industry experience and superior expertise to deliver ‘The Best & Most Secure Certification Technologies Worldwide’.

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About Hedd

Hedd, powered by Jisc, is UK higher education’s official degree verification service. A global brand used by third-party enquirers in 147 countries, Hedd has verified more than 1.3 million degrees to date. Through its verification solution and degree fraud reporting service, Hedd protects the integrity of higher education, benefiting institutions, employers, and individuals alike.

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