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Secure Gift Vouchers

Advanced Secure Technologies range of Secure Gift Vouchers protect the reputation of some of the UK’s best-loved tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and retailers from the risk of illegal reproduction, printing, & fraudulent copying.

In many cases, the company’s simply ‘make do’ with vouchers printed on standard paper with limited security this makes it much easier to counterfeit the vouchers. Our anti-counterfeiting methods protect your business from illegal voucher reproduction, printing, and fraudulent copying.

Benefiting your company

Secure gift vouchers from Advanced Secure Technologies provide your organisation with the power to create designs that fully support your brand and reflect the true value of your products. They are embedded with high-security features that protect your brand and reduce the fraud risk. Our existing customers have seen major benefits from using our range of secure gift vouchers including:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
  • Customer retention
  • New customers
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Promote brand image

Protecting & enhancing your reputation 

Advanced Secure’s range of secure gift vouchers protect your organisation from loss of income and wasted time while keeping your organisation’s reputation safe.

Our secure gift vouchers provide you with:

  • Instant voucher validation.
  • Access to unique, controlled-supply genuine watermarked paper.
  • Extra protection from misuse with a controlled and secure holographic foil

Providing the full package

At Advanced Secure we also provide your organisation with the full package, including marketing collateral to hit the ground running with sales of your secure gift vouchers. Our packages include point of sale pop-ups and posters that match your organisation’s branding.

Secure your gift vouchers.

For more information on branded secure gift vouchers, contact us.

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