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Advanced Secure Laser Printers

Take Control of Your Printed Documents

Advanced Secure Laser Printers are designed to provide secure laser printing of certificates, results forms, transcripts, diploma supplements, and other security documents. For cheque users, our secure laser printers are C&CCC and PIRA-approved.

This ensures that your secure paper stock is protected and that the production of your secure documents is accurate, controlled, and secure. We recommend the use of our secure laser printers with our Blockchain Papers & Secure Cheques to enhance the security and protection of your organisation. Our range of secure printers has been developed for security printing and is based on world-leading laser print platforms.

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Our secure laser printers provide high-security laser printing of valuable documents, helping protect your organisation from illegal counterfeiting and alteration fraud, security features include:

For more information on Advanced Secure Laser Printers, click here.

All our secure laser printers are provided with market-leading annual support. This support includes:

  • Telephone and online support
  • An annual preventative maintenance visit
  • Printer maintenance with next working day support

Our new Advanced Secure Laser Printers have been extensively developed and tested with our software applications and are certified to deliver the full functionality of Advanced Printing:

  • Increase productivity with speed, functionality and reliability
  • Streamlined workflow and flexibility
  • Multi-layered security for sensitive data
  • Control and accuracy of printing with print confirmation of secure documents

Take Control of Your Printed Documents.

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