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Introducing The Next Generation of our Secure Certificates: Blockchain Paper®

With over 150 years of document security expertise, we are the UK’s market leaders in secure document innovation. We protect tens of millions of documents issued by leading global organisations worldwide. These secure papers include but are not limited to: secure certificates, secure transcripts, secure diploma supplements, secure HEARs, secure student status letters and secure proof of qualifications.

Blockchain Papers® supplied by Advanced Secure Technologies have the identical level of security for all Universities, Awarding Organisations and Professional Bodies. This standard approach allows students, employers and other interested parties to become familiar with the look and feel of a genuine document, thus providing easier identification.

Our new Blockchain Papers® specifically deliver improvements to:

  • Security
  • Certificate quality
  • Brand consistency
  • User experience

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Defined as a key foundation of the 4th Industrial Revolution – Blockchain Technology offers a paradigm shift in the security and accuracy of information using cryptographic keys and digital signatures, ultimately delivering tamper-proof records.

Evolving technologies making smarter fraudsters

Individual Fraud

Falsely creates a degree certificate or alters a genuine document from a real university by changing the details on the certificate, for example, the name, subject, qualification or classification.

Fake Certificates

Mainly web-based offering ‘novelty’ or ‘replacement’ degree certificates that imitates the real university but in doing so breach copyright and trademark laws.

Bogus Universities

Provide a means for fraudsters to obtain “authentic” degree certificates and associated documents from unaccredited institutions.

The Next Generation of Document Security

Advanced Secure has developed a world-first in blockchain paper technology, to enhance the multi-layered security features of our certification security papers. Our new blockchain technology provides organisations with a verifiable and immutable record for each secure document they issue. ​

Using a smartphone, recipients can instantly verify qualifications. Thus, providing assurance to the recipient that the document papers are genuine, whilst authenticating that they originated from the organisation.

Critical to the ongoing success of a secure document strategy is that the security paper and security features used to protect qualifications against fraudulent attacks are constantly reviewed and updated.

In understanding this, Advanced Secure continuously review and update our Secure Paper Standard, to ensure our customers always remain ahead of fraudulent activity.

  • Advanced document security
  • Immutable document record
  • Digitally verified using a smartphone
  • Authentication of the issuing organisation
  • Available to check qualifications – anywhere/anytime
  • Widely accessible further enhancing security

Certificates are constantly at risk of fraudulent attack posing a major threat to the integrity and reputation of universities, awarding organisations, professional bodies and their stakeholders. As market leaders in document security, Blockchain Paper® is at the forefront of secure certificate innovation and technology to ensure the highest level of protection for qualifications worldwide.

Best practice guidelines to prevent document fraud:​

  • Design high security certificates with a consistent range of security features
  • Incorporate multi-level security features to deter fraudsters
  • Include a range of both overt and covert security features
  • Constantly review and enhance document security features
  • Restrict access to secure document raw materials

Partnered with our Digital Certificates Web and Advanced Secure Printers, our solution offers the highest level of efficiency, flexibility and security.

“We have received a large number of compliments on the appearance of the documentation we issue and, even aside from that, we recognise that the multiple built-in security features have massively decreased the possibility of effective forgery.” – Queen Mary University of London


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Stop Qualification Fraud

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