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Our secure solutions are designed to improve security, efficiency and flexibility in our key markets – the education, legal, corporate and public sectors.  Crucially, we stop document and process fraud, protecting the finances, reputation and integrity of all organisations we work with.

Digital Certificates Solution is a secure web-based certification application for the printing and publishing of secure paper and digital qualification documents.

Combined with our Blockchain Paper® and Advanced Secure Printers, our solutions offer the highest level of security, efficiency, and flexibility with a holistic and complete secure certification solution.

*Looking to integrate a secure payments workflow as well? Visit – Digital Payments Web.

Digital Payments Web is a multi-layered secure workflow for all electronic payments and secure cheques. Designed to optimise security, efficiency, and flexibility of payments.

For optimal security across all aspects of your payment workflow, partner Digital Payments with Secure Cheques and Advanced Secure Printers.

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