Advanced Secure Technologies

We want to help you protect your organisation from document fraud. It’s all about creating a safer business environment where criminals are prevented from counterfeiting, alteration and theft.

We’re champions of document security - our specialist knowledge and long experience in the industry means we can meet all your secure printing needs.

We have a strong commitment to minimising the risk of fraud and we can offer you expert advice and guidance on how to improve secure document processes within your organisation.

We help protect your organisation to stop fraud by using the latest secure technologies in:

Design: we create your own branded documents with unique security features.

Documents: no matter which Advanced Secure product you select, all use cutting-edge patented security features to prevent alteration and counterfeiting.

Software: offering you data encryption, secure databases and alphanumeric numbering - for unparalleled protection.

Laser printers: you get added security during printing with our PIRA-approved laser printers.

Storage: you can choose to place your documents in high-security offsite storage.

Delivery: we make sure your secure documents are delivered only to nominated signatories.