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Hear what our university customers have to say 

Our case studies tell a story of the challenges our customers faced prior to working with us and the benefits they’ve seen from implementing our secure systems and products into their universities.





University of Strathclyde

University of Strathclyde

"Our experience working with AST has been highly positive. The team at AST has been helpful, quick to respond to issues, and provided excellent guidance and support during the upgrade to the new DC Web system."

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Cardiff University

"Having adopted Digital Certificates early on, we have been able to stay ahead of the many challenges posed by the pandemic. Thanks to this, our students and graduates can access, share and verify their secure electronic documents from anywhere using their smartphone devices."

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University of Westminster

“As a university, we are really pleased to offer both secure digital and secure hard-copy versions of our students' awards and achievements in a fast and efficient manner."

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UWE Bristol - Logo

UWE Bristol

“UWE Bristol has worked with Advanced Secure for three years now. They provided excellent professional support with design and templating for our certificate and transcript paper, along with our Marketing team. They have been very helpful and responsive to our printing/paper requests. We are able to plan well in advance of our large print runs alongside our other priorities as a University.”

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University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham

“From initial enquiry to implementation and on to continued support, the team at Advanced Secure have been friendly, efficient and highly professional. They provide an excellent level of customer service and their product knowledge is very good."

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Bangor University Logo

Bangor University

“An excellent overall experience. We have been working with Advanced Secure Technologies since 2009 and can highly recommend their secure certificates and software solutions."

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Norwegian Business School - Logo Foreground

Norwegian Business School

"Implementation of Digital Certificates led us to work very closely with Advanced Secure Technologies, and it was impressive how dedicated Advanced Secure were in helping us reach our goals."

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University-of-Johannesburg-Case Studies

University of Johannesburg

"In 1 day, we had 1200 graduates registrater online to securely access their eCertificate documents – fully supporting our virtual graduation ceremonies and helping us in honouring our graduates with their well deserved secure eCertifcates.”

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University_of_Guelph_Case Studies

University of Guelph

"Through Advanced Secure's on-premises printing solution, we can now print, sort, and package certificates on our own schedule. This system has significantly increased our efficiency, reducing our processing time by two weeks each semester."

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Arden University

Arden University

"We’re really pleased with the transcripts and certificates so far; the heat spot, hologram and serial numbers mean they can’t be forged and add significant value to our awards for our graduates. We’re very satisfied and would definitely consider using Advance Secure again in the future."

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Queen Mary University of London

"We have received a large number of compliments on the appearance of the documentation we issue and, even aside from that, we recognise that the multiple built-in security features have massively decreased the possibility of effective forgery."

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Lebanese American University

“The level of security that LAU has achieved with the help of Advanced Secure Technologies is unique in Lebanon and is likely to be unparalleled in the MENA region. This further underscores the value that LAU has gained from this collaboration and the effectiveness of Advanced Secure’s solutions for secure certificate papers and a streamlined process.”

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Douglas Business School Logo

Douglas Business School

“Choosing to work with Advanced Secure Technologies has been one of Douglas Business School’s best decisions. Their extensive knowledge in document security has been invaluable to us. Furthermore, the team members at Advanced Secure Technologies are professional and always willing to help.”

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International Customer logos- Ammusted

AMMUSTED University

Adopting Blockchain Paper® certificates now means AAMUSTED can compete with universities globally offering graduates security and protection from any possible graduate fraud. This also means we are able to embrace the job security that comes with the unique security features offered on our certificates which makes it impossible for fraudsters to recreate and means we can easily verify the certificates too!"

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Hear what our Awarding Organisation/Professional Body customers have to say 

Our case studies tell a story of the challenges our customers faced prior to working with us and the benefits they’ve seen from implementing our secure systems and products into their organisations.

OTHM logo

OTHM Qualifications

Advanced Secure’s Digital Certificates Solution and Blockchain Paper® have effectively helped OTHM modernise their certification documents and processes. The advanced features have enabled OTHM to streamline certificate issuance, reduce costs, and enhance secure document verification.

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MHFA England logo white background

Mental Health First Aid England®

“Collaborating with Advanced Secure ensures we are operating to a high standard as well as offering a premium product and a point of difference in our sector”

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Skills & Education Group

“Our digital certificates solution delivers an interconnected secure certification system that provides innovative document and process security working for the greater good to protect organisations, centres, learners and employers worldwide.” – Scott Forbes, Director of Member Services and Communications at Skills and Education Group

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Royal-Academy-of-Dance-Case Studies

Royal Academy of Dance

"The Royal Academy of Dance has worked with Advanced Secure since 2009 and we continue to enjoy a productive and ongoing relationship. Advanced Secure advised and worked alongside us to create a contemporary and versatile range of secure certificates to meet the practical needs of an international education and training organisation with a reputation for excellence to uphold."

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“We have had a very positive experience working with Advanced Secure. From certificate design through to production and distribution by Advanced Secure we have had a great experience. We would recommend working with Advanced Secure to other like-minded organisations.”

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