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Glossary of Terms

On this glossary page, you will find a list of common terms, words, abbreviations, and phrases which we use throughout our product information.

If you find any term which you’re not familiar with and it’s not listed in the glossary below, get in touch with us via our contact form or via Twitter and we’ll do our best to answer your query.

Aqua Ink | Ink that ‘bleeds’ when attacked by water-based agents.

Audit Number | A unique number that is applied to each document at the time of production provides a physical control of document stock.

C&CCC | The Cheque and Credit Clearing Company; a non-profit making member-funded industry body. They manage the cheque clearing system in England and Wales. C&CCC also provides a range of professional services including industry best practices.

Chip and Pin | Used for both our Digital Certificates and Cheque Software, the chip and machine card and reader is used to allow a logged-in user to print and publish from our system. A security method to reduce fraud. PIN stands for Personal Identity Number. A microchip embedded within the card can check if the PIN number you enter into the card reader is correct.

Counterfeit | The attempt to make an exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud.

Covert | Hidden security features. Covert devices enable a producer or a brand owner to identify the original product against a counterfeit one.

CPAS | The Cheque Printer Accreditation Scheme, managed by the C&CCC. The scheme to which all cheque printers must be members requires that all cheques are printed to strict security standards by an accredited printer.

Forged | To produce a fraudulent copy or imitation of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art.

Fraud | The wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

Heat Reactive Spot | A spot that disappears when heated, providing instant authentication and cannot be reproduced by colour copying or laser printing.

Hologram | The term describes a recorded image that is complete and displays a complete object rather than a single viewpoint. The effects of a hologram cannot be copied by copiers, scanners or printers, meaning their production is beyond the reach of most counterfeiters nor are forgers likely to be able to produce accurate copies. for more info visit the IHMA .

Licence Key | Our USB Licence key is a software protection dongle that forms an electronic protection device that, when attached to a computer unlocks our software for the user to log in.

Micro text | The production of recognisable patterns/characters on a printed document at a scale that requires magnification to read. To the unaided eye, the text appears as a solid line. Attempts to reproduce by methods of a photocopy, image scanning, or pantograph will result in a dotted/solid line as the reproduction machine cannot identify and recreate patterns to such scale.

Numismatic | A unique security graphic that forms a complex pattern of printed fine line reliefs into the background of documents, created with high-level banknote graphic software, making the design extremely difficult to reinstate or counterfeit, providing high-quality protection against alteration.

Overt | Overt technologies are elements that can be accessed using any of the human senses (vision, touch, smell, etc.) without the need to rely on a particular device or tool to perform the authentication.

Solvent Ink | Like aqua ink, solvent ink bleeds when a solvent-based agent is used to attach the document.

Smithers | The industry standard for laser printers that achieve the required standard of adhesion to cheque paper and those who achieve the standard are recommended to bank customers to use. More info.

Transactional Tracking | Our system actively monitors the activity of logged-in users and records each record that is added, edited, deleted printed or published.

Transcript | Lists all the modules or subjects studied in each year, the marks or grades achieved for each module and the credit rating and level of each module.

Toner | Toner is the powder used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on paper.

Toner Secure | Provides advanced toner paper adhesion and occurs as a result of using a combination of aqua and solvent sensitive inks.

Ultraviolet (UV) | Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the human eye. To help prevent counterfeiting of important documents, the paper may include a UV watermark or fluorescent multicolour fibres that are invisible to the naked eye and only visible under ultraviolet light.

Validate Number | A random number which is unique to each document.

Watermark | A faint design added into the paper during manufacturing that is visible when held against the light, a controlled material that cannot be reproduced in a printing process, providing high-level protection against counterfeiting.

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