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The Lebanese American University (LAU) has been a pioneer in higher education in Lebanon and the region for the past century. As the university continues to grow, it has become increasingly important for LAU to ensure the security and authenticity of its documentation. To address these challenges, LAU turned to Advanced Secure Technologies (AST) for their innovative certification solutions.

This case study will provide an overview of LAU’s journey to enhance the security and authenticity of its certification through the adoption of secure certification technologies. The study will explore the challenges faced by LAU before the implementation of the technology, the solutions provided by Advanced Secure Technologies, and the benefits achieved after adoption. It will also provide insights into LAU’s e experience and the impact the technology has had on its operations.

What was LAU’s position before adopting Digital Certificates Solution and Blockchain Paper?

“LAU has transformed its documentation processes to ensure a heightened level of security to prevent fraud. Before adopting secure certification solutions provided by AST, LAU’s attestation letters and statements were printed on regular university letterheads with limited to no security features. When issuing authenticated copies of diplomas, LAU had no other option but to issue photocopies of documents which were manually stamped, which further added to the time it took to produce authenticated documents and also the vulnerability of documents issued by LAU.

Historically, documents issued by LAU were produced on paper with a limited amount of security leaving documents open to modern-day fraud. LAU papers now have multiple layers of overt and covert security features, including Blockchain technology. Additionally, LAU now applies digitally encrypted signatures at the time of issuing documents. All these advanced features now ensure papers issued by LAU are immutable.

Using Advanced Secure’s certification solutions, LAU has started to issue documents with bespoke designs and high-security features to ensure uniformity and consistency across its document offerings. Documents are now printed using the Digital Certificates Web print functionality. LAU plans to continue its collaboration with Advanced Secure Technologies in phase 2 to implement the publishing feature for LAU’s E-Certificates.

With these certification advancements, LAU has streamlined its documentation process and has moved towards a more secure and visually impressive certification system.”

Certification challenges faced by the LAU?

“LAU’s previous documentation process posed several challenges, including:

  • Prone to forgery: Without high-end security measures in place, LAU’s documentation was vulnerable to forgery and counterfeiting, which was cause for concern for the university leadership.
  • Delivery delays: Dependence on external printers for their documentation led to delays in delivery and created inefficiencies in the process.
  • Lack of uniformity and consistency: Without a centralised system, the design and formatting of LAU’s documentation varied, creating an inconsistent appearance and undermining the authenticity of the documents.
  • Lack of audit trails and reliable backups: With a manual process, there was no reliable way to track the issuance of certificates and transcripts and no easy way to restore lost or damaged records.”

LAU’s experience working with Advanced Secure Technologies

“LAU has experienced a positive and productive partnership with Advanced Secure Technologies which has demonstrated a high degree of collaboration, flexibility, and friendly communications. LAU has been impressed with the responsiveness to its needs and the support system that has been in place throughout the implementation process provided by AST. The strong working relationship between our organisations has enabled the seamless integration of advanced security certificate papers and the prospect of future enhancements to LAU’s documentation processes.”

Key benefits gained by LAU from adopting our secure certification solutions

“Adopting Advanced Secure Technologies’ Blockchain Papers and Digital Certificates Solution has brought a multitude of benefits to LAU. Firstly, the security of LAU documentation has been significantly enhanced, effectively pre-empting forgeries. This has been achieved through the use of high-security papers and a central system for document verification that operates independently and does not rely on external providers.

Furthermore, the incorporation of electronic signatures, audit trails, and copies of issued documents in a database have streamlined the document issuance process, making it more efficient. Including Arabic texts in our documentation using the Digital Certificates Solution has been a real achievement! The visually impressive documents produced using Advanced Secure’s secure papers and software are also a significant upgrade compared to the previous system. This includes bespoke designs with up to 16 unique security features, ensuring that the authenticity of each document is easily verifiable.”

“The level of security that LAU has achieved with the help of Advanced Secure Technologies is unique in Lebanon and is likely to be unparalleled in the MENA region. This further underscores the value that LAU has gained from this collaboration and the effectiveness of Advanced Secure’s solutions for secure certificate papers and a streamlined process.” - The Lebanese American University (LAU)

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