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“Collaborating with Advanced Secure ensures we are operating to a high standard as well as offering a premium product and a point of difference in our sector”

About Mental Health First Aid England® (MHFA)

MHFA England® is the country’s leading provider of Mental Health First Aid courses, empowering over 20,000 organisations to improve knowledge and skills around mental health.

Our Instructor Members have trained hundreds of thousands of people reaching 1 in 40 adults in England so far. Currently, a network of over 2,800 Instructor Members are delivering our training courses resulting in over half a million MHFAiders® in England.

The training provided by MHFA equips individuals with the skills to identify signs of poor mental health, instilling the confidence to initiate conversations and the knowledge to guide individuals toward appropriate support.

Position before adopting secure certification solutions

When Instructor Members complete their programme they receive a welcome pack, including a certificate and a letter from our Chief Executive. Before we worked with Advanced Secure, these certificates were produced in-house. They did not include any security features and we felt they did not reflect the work our candidates had put into their course. We knew we needed a more secure and premium product.

We felt we needed a more professional approach to making certificates. We wanted our Instructor Members to feel valued and have their achievements recognised. We knew that making certificates in-house bore some risks around fraud and duplication and it was a time-consuming process as we gathered the address data for each mail manually.

How have learners responded to the services you are now able to provide?

When we changed over from producing certificates in-house to Advanced Secure’s solution, we heard a lot of positive feedback from our Instructor Members. The enhanced security features, presentation and quality of the production were well received.

What impact has Digital Certificates Web and Blockchain Paper® had on MHFA England®

Using Digital Certificates Web and Blockchain Paper® has had a positive impact on our business processes. We have been able to automate some of the reporting from our CRM and Advanced Secure’s upload portal is reliable and easy to use. 

We feel confident that we are offering a hard-copy certificate with the highest level of security and quality.

What has your experience been whilst working with Advanced Secure?

We have had excellent service from Advanced Secure since day one. The onboarding process was straightforward and speedy. Their technical team advised us on how to prepare and present our data in the best way to upload to the Digital Certificates portal. Every member of the Advanced Secure team has demonstrated the highest standards of customer care and we work in an effective partnership.

Collaborating with Advanced Secure ensures we are operating to a high standard as well as offering a premium product and a point of difference in our sector. We feel confident that our reputation is safe in Advanced Secure’s hands.

We recommend Advanced Secure to other organisations. They have always offered excellent service and a top-quality product that we are proud to present to our Instructor Members.

About Advanced Secure Technologies

Since 2004, Advanced Secure Technologies has worked to STOP FRAUD for our customers. We lead the way in best practices and set a global standard for Secure Paper and Secure Digital Certificates. Our holistic approach to developing secure certification solutions features multiple layers of security across the issuing process. This ensures our customers remain ahead of the fraud risk. As a result, our innovative and high-security solutions protect the integrity of documents issued while safeguarding the reputation of over 200 education institutes worldwide.

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