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Digital Certificates Web

A Secure Digital Certification System Tailored To Your Institution’s Needs

Digital Certificates Web is a holistic secure certification system that provides advanced digital experiences, securely connecting and supporting education providers, students and 3rd parties through advanced technologies worldwide.

As well as utilising blockchain technologies, advanced authentication, secure printing, and a detailed audit trail, Digital Certificates Web includes powerful self-service features for students and graduates, thus allowing them to securely access or share their documents with employers through secure branded portals any time and anywhere.

As a result, adopting Digital Certificates Web supports the education sector’s key priorities – high-level security to protect qualifications and give students an improved user experience while supporting them to seek employment.

  • Sustainability through the reduction in paper use
  • Fully secure digital solutions to deliver an outstanding service
  • High-level security to protect education and learning
  • Cost and time savings by eliminating manual processes
  • Self-service online verification of credentials issued

Digital Certificates Web logo and purpose with customer logos - University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Cardiff, OTHM, Skills and Education Group, University of Johannesburg and many other universities, awarding organisations and professional bodies.

Key Benefits of Digital Certificates Web

Become Digital-First Education Provider

A secure and seamless transition to digital credentials

Embracing our digital future is driven by social, sustainability and efficiency objectives. However, delivering a successful Digital First certification strategy depends on robust underlying security and clear, defined processes.

With Digital Certificates Web, education providers can issue secure blockchain credentials instantly, while printed documents can be printed or ordered online by their students, graduates, learners and members. As a result, this instantly reduces print workload and friction when going digital, as printed copies are readily available, enabling quicker adoption of digital documents for your organisation.

Using a Digital First approach, our customers have seen the demand for printed documents fall by as much as 80%, further supporting their service, sustainability and digital transformation initiatives whilst reducing fraud, costs and data loss for their organisation.

Transform your certification system.

Take the next step to securing your certification documents and process.

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