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Digital Certificates Web

Securely print and issue electronic documents, blockchain papers and blockchain badges, 24/7 – 365.

Digital Certificates Web is our secure document platform that utilises blockchain technology to improve the security, efficiency and flexibility of document processes for government, corporate organisations, professional institutes, universities, students, graduates and employers, globally.

As a result, Digital Certificates Web creates an interconnected certification system that drives the print and publish of millions of documents, Blockchain Paper® and blockchain badges annually.

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Legacy manual processes

Despite efforts by organisations to ease current challenges, the education sector continues to experience difficulties implementing digital strategies.

Although many institutes are still in the early stages of digital change, the increasing requirements of tech-savvy students, economic pressures, and the changing work environment have led to an urgent increase in the demand for digital solutions.

In addition, the continued risk of degree fraud has created a tremendous burden for institutes to secure and verify award documents to ensure the reputation and integrity of qualifications are protected.

The fraud risks:

BOGUS INSTITUTES – Provide a means for fraudsters to obtain “authentic” documents

INDIVIDUAL FRAUD – Falsely creates a certificate or alters a genuine document from a real organisation changing the details on the certificate, for example, the name, subject, or document type.

FAKE DOCUMENTS – Fake counterfeit documents that imitate genuine documents.

Fraud facts:

  • Recruitment fraud costs organisations £2.3 billion annually
  • The average cost of dealing with document fraud is between £170,000 & £250,000
  • 2000 Individual workers were asked by Samsung to identify the top 10 CV lies – Number One was exaggerated grades

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