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FAB Sponsor-&-Platinum-Supplier-Logo Combination.

FAB 2019: Diversity & Choice in Qualifications – The National Flagship Conference for Awarding Organisations.

Advanced Secure Technologies were pleased to announce that we were again the Headline Sponsor for the Federation of Awarding Bodies Annual Conference.

In addition to our support for the FAB 2019 Conference, we were recently accredited as the FAB Platinum Supplier of Certificate Solutions and Secure Printing for the Awarding Sector. This platinum status reflects the priority we place on vocational qualifications and our commitment to developing pioneering, innovative secure solutions that protect individuals and organisations against fraudulent activity.

Conference: Federation of Awarding Bodies 2019

Date: October 11 – 12

Venue: Leicester Marriott Hotel

Location: Leicester

Sector: Awarding Organisations

Showcase Product: Digital Certificates Web

This year we launched our highly anticipated Digital Certificates Web solution, along with a sector initiative to encourage 3rd Parties, such as employers, to verify candidate qualifications – to Stop Qualification Fraud.

The Digital Certificates application enables Awarding Organisations to implement a “Digital First” strategy.  A new approach to award certification that reduces printed documents by issuing secure electronic qualification documents, which are easy to view, share and verify – 24/7 – 365 Days a year, on any device.

Advanced Secure Technologies sponsored the INNOVATION OF THE YEAR award 2019. This award recognises the company that successfully applies any form of innovation, celebrating the ideas that have had the greatest impact on an organisation or industry.

Whether the innovation is a new product, a service or a culture of improvement, the entry included evidence of how the innovation has been developed and applied to improve performance, operational effectiveness or customer engagement to improve the learners’ experience and bring something new to the awarding industry.


EAL Awards – Engineering Talent, Excellence, Achievement and Learning Limited.


Advanced sponsored awards to EAL, presenting award to EAL.

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