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About Douglas Business School

“Douglas Business School (DBS) is committed to providing remarkable higher education and dedicated learning programmes to working professionals. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we have significantly expanded to various countries over the years. Today, Douglas Business School has established education centres in the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

In the Netherlands, learners are introduced to accredited postgraduates’ degree courses prestigiously awarded by Douglas Business School and partnership universities. We are also the authorised representative body partnering with a range of top-notch UK Universities to offer affordable Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s programme pathways. These high-quality courses can be completed progressively with ‘top-up’ options for learners with prior work experience and academic qualifications.

Our courses are designed for working professionals looking to up-skill to remain relevant or demonstrate competence. We thrive to provide greater access to degree-level programmes. This is made possible by the network of dedicated support and online learning features that allow career-minded individuals to learn in their own time with a flexible schedule.

Our courses are reviewed and recognised by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), the same organisation that ensures quality for all UK Universities. For this reason, MBA students graduate with an internationally-recognised qualification safeguarded by the standards set by the QAA.

We strive to create a supportive learning environment for all who come to learn with us and help them discover their full potential.”

What was the organisation’s position before adopting Blockchain Paper®?

“Before adopting Blockchain Paper®, we worked with a local printing service provider that used traditional printing methods and limited security features for our certificates.”

What sort of challenges did the organisation face before adopting Blockchain Paper®?

“Due to the limited security features of our previous certificates, Douglas Business School faced difficulties such as identity theft and the duplication of fake certificates. With our reputation and the trust of our students at risk, we took immediate action in finding a solution that would protect our students and organisation against document fraud.”

The secure solution used by Douglas Business School:

What has your experience been like whilst working with Advanced Secure Technologies?

“Choosing to work with Advanced Secure Technologies has been one of Douglas Business School’s best decisions. Their extensive knowledge of document security has been invaluable to us. Furthermore, the team members at Advanced Secure Technologies are professional and always willing to help.”

What are the main benefits and wins gained from adopting Blockchain Paper®?

“The main benefit of Blockchain Paper® for us is the confidence in knowing that our certificates are protected with the highest level of document security and innovation. In addition, a big win for our organisation is the feedback that we have received from our students. By simply scanning the QR code, our students can verify the authenticity of their certificate papers, providing them with the assurance that their hard-earned certificate papers are genuine.”

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