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About Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School is an independent, non-profit institution and the main provider of research-based knowledge on business and management disciplines in Norway.

In 2017, the Business school was ranked third among all the Nordic Business Schools in the Financial Times ranking.

The school is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA allowing BI Norwegian Business School to be named a Triple Crown School.

BI Norwegian Business School has more than 20,000 students divided into Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Programs as well as summer and executive education courses. The main campus is located in Oslo, with 3 campuses spread throughout Norway.

The challenge

Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School first adopted Advanced Secure Technologies’ secure papers and Digital Certificates solution in 2017. The Business School became the first university in mainland Europe to adopt our security solutions.

BI Norwegian Business School’s main objective for acquiring a new solution for certificates and transcripts was a need to increase the quality and security of their certification documents.

They also required a solution that would help third parties verify a student’s results in a secure way, without increasing the internal workload for the registry department.

Digital Certificates provides the Business School with a solution that would allow their students to share their certificates and transcripts with a third party, without having to send out a secure file.

By providing a secure link to the student’s results via Digital Certificates, the software gave the Business School a unique solution to share documents and at the same time protect the documents, the students, and the Business School from the risk of fraud.

Advanced secure solutions

Used by the Norwegian Business School

90% REDUCTION in demand for printed degree documents in the first four months of implementation

Self-Service functionality saved the equivalent of 2 YEARS worth of work for the Business School.

Norwegian Business School’s experience

Working with Advanced Secure

“Knowing in advance that 40% of our bachelor students were asking for a Digital Certificate, BI made the decision early on in the project, that we wanted: “Digital first” What we meant by that is that everyone that receives a certificate or graduation transcript from BI, only gets it as a digital document which the student can access through a student portal.

Through self-service functionality, students can easily order a paper version of their certificate documents. The documents are then produced through Digital Certificates with built-in security functionality.

So far the solution has been a great success and a big timesaver. Having spent a lot of time handling certificates, transcripts, and verifications earlier, we are looking at saving the equivalent of two years of work using the new solution. 4 months after implementing the solution BI produced 5200 certificates and transcripts, and only 10% of the students have asked for a printed version of their documents.

Implementation of Digital Certificates led us to work very closely with Advanced Secure Technologies, and it was impressive how dedicated Advanced Secure was to help us reach our goals.

Using the eModule part of Digital Certificates in a slightly different way from normal, Advanced Secure was always willing to work with us to find creative solutions to the issues we needed to solve. We had easy access to the Advanced Secure team with the right skills and they always made an effort to make time for us. All in all, working with Advanced Secure Technologies was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone.

Looking back, the implementation project for Digital Certificates has been a huge success and we look forward to working with Advanced Secure Technologies in the future”.

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