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About the Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education organisations. It was founded in 1920 to ensure high standards of ballet training in the UK. Today, RAD operate in circa 85 countries – and it continues to grow.

Each year, around 1,000 students enrol on one of the RAD Faculty of Education’s dance teacher training programmes, and more than 235,000 candidates are entered for examinations.

The challenge faced by the Royal Academy of Dance

RAD approached Advanced Secure Technologies to deliver a secure certificate printing solution that would help improve the security of their qualification documents and streamline their awarding operation worldwide. Ultimately protecting the organisation’s reputation and the integrity of their awarded certificates.

“Before adopting any secure solutions, our certificates had limited security features and our processes for awarding certificates were laborious. With modern technologies on the horizon, fraudsters would have access to tools that would make counterfeit and alter certificates easier. This meant our documents were vulnerable to the potential risk of fraud. RAD quickly identified the threat and acted accordingly.”

Secure certificate technologies used by the Royal Academy of Dance

  • Our Digital Certificates system is designed to improve the security, efficiency, and flexibility of qualification document processes for organisations, learners, and employers globally.
  • Blockchain Papers® is the next generation of our secure paper – a world-first paper solution using blockchain technology to create an unparalleled level of document security for our customers.

What has been the Royal Academy of Dance’s experience working with us?

“RAD has always found Advanced Secure extremely supportive, approachable, and clear. We have a very positive working relationship with them, which is demonstrated by the 10 years plus that we have utilised their services. Always quick to respond and available to help, I rate Advanced Secure extremely highly.”

What are the benefits of adopting Digital Certificates and Blockchain Paper®?

“RAD has benefited from always being at the cutting edge of technological advancements in secure certificates, thanks to Advanced Secure Technologies.

We’ve been advised and have worked alongside their team to create a contemporary and versatile range of secure certificates using blockchain technology to improve our customer’s experience.

The digital certificates online system also works extremely well – especially given that we have certification ‘hubs’ across the world to service our market which sees up to 250,000 certificates delivered in a year, globally. Moving to a digital certificate solution enables us to cut costs around printing and postage – but has not impacted the service we provide to our customers.”

A selection of our FE customers