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Securing Digital Transformation with Blockchain Credentials 

Introduction: Post-conference 

Advanced Secure Technologies has been a proud supporter and exhibitor at the Student Records Officers Conference (SROC) for many years and is delighted to have been a part of this event once again for 2024.  

This year we explored how universities can implement blockchain credentials to support digital transformation initiatives. By leveraging a blockchain credentialing solution such as Digital Certificates, universities can deliver a holistic certification platform that improves student engagement and employability whilst providing advanced degree security to protect their reputation from the damaging effects of fraud. 

This year, delegates had the opportunity to participate in our Stop Fraud prize draw survey for the chance to win a Meta Quest 2. Keep reading to see the winner.  

About SROC 2024 

The Student Records Officers Conference returned in 2024, hosted at the University of Leeds between the 3rd and 5th of April, welcoming 175 delegates, from 83 institutions alongside 10 exhibitors. Each year SROC provides a platform for university personnel working within student records across the UK to address challenges and explore best practices through workshops, seminars, and exhibitions.  

What are Blockchain Credentials? 

To understand blockchain credentials it’s important to know how blockchain technology works.  

The blockchain is an information storage technology that guarantees transparency, security, and immutability for recorded data. The permanent nature facilitates traceability to deliver instant verification. When applied to academic credentials, blockchain enables advanced authentication of awarded qualifications.

Blockchain credentials can therefore be any qualification such as a degree certificate or digital badge that is secure and fraud-proof. 

Read more about our blockchain certification solutions below.  

Our Blockchain Certification Solutions 

Digital Certificates  

Our Digital Certificates solution utilises blockchain technology to improve security, student experience and efficiency – creating an interconnected certification solution for universities, awarding organisations and professional bodies to deliver the print and publish of:  

Blockchain Papers® 

Secure printed papers with unrivalled document security and technology innovation.  

Blockchain Documents® 

Secure electronic documents that can be viewed, shared, and verified from anywhere, anytime through secure portals branded to the organisation.  

Blockchain Badges® 

Secure digital knowledge and skills badging, enabling dynamic search functionality, advanced verification and improved brand awareness.  

Stop Fraud Prize Draw Winner

But the moment that you have been waiting for… 

Congratulations to Elizabeth Barrett from The University of Manchester for winning our Stop Fraud prize draw at SROC 2024!  

The team from Advanced Secure wish you many hours of fun with your new virtual reality headset. 

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