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Secure Printed Certificates for Higher Education | A Guide To Blockchain Paper®

In 2018 BBC News reported that thousands of UK nationals bought fake degrees from a multi-million-pound diploma mill printing certificates in Pakistan. Amongst the buyers were NHS consultants, nurses, and a large defence contractor.

Such deceptive institutions publishing fake certificates led to more than 215,000 counterfeit qualifications being sold in 2015 alone. However, the increase in information and intelligent technologies has given individuals the ability to counterfeit their degree documents, causing a more significant threat to the HE sector.

Blockchain Paper® secures degree certificates with the same technology as cryptocurrencies and forms part of 15 advanced certificate security features to create an immutable and genuine security paper for certificates. As a result, this protects individuals and organisations against degree fraud.

How does this work, and how can Blockchain Paper® protect your degrees and your organisation?  Keep reading to learn more.

Secure Printed Certificates for HE - Happy Students Protected by Blockchain Paper

How can Secure Printed Certificates Improve Certification Security in Higher Education?

Blockchain technology creates encryption in data by providing access keys. Each key is held by separate individuals or institutions who then have access to the data.

In education, this works by guaranteeing that the degree certificate and transcript cannot be counterfeited. In addition, blockchain technology tracks the issuers of the signatures and keeps this information secure in the chain. Therefore, if there is any attempt to tamper with any of the signatures (known as hash), the chain is broken, and the degree document will no longer be valid.

Blockchain Paper® verifies that the certificate paper is genuine and authenticates the issuing university. Critically, this ensures the document’s integrity remains protected and safeguards both the individual certificate holder and the issuing organisation.

The Specifics of Securing Authenticity

Timestamps are the primary way in which an institute’s secure degree certificates may be trusted and confirmed as genuine. All information held must be in chronological order of when it became a part of the blockchain.

No one can go back and tamper or alter information that existed before. Therefore, creating a fake Blockchain Paper® certificate paper is virtually impossible, ensuring the validity of genuine papers and the authenticity of the issuing university.

Secure Printed Certificates - Blockchain paper banner with a CTA to stop degree fraud

How can Fraud Impact Academic Integrity?

As an educational provider, the preservation of academic integrity and reliability is paramount. Unfortunately, fake institutions threaten to make an uncertain future for those seeking qualified individuals to hire.

Likewise, students may not attend university if they fear their degree certificate will not qualify as legitimate in the eyes of an employer.

A university’s reputation is key to its success and the success of its students. In 2015, over 300 complaints of fraud led to the shutdown of 85 fraudulent universities in the UK alone. Furthermore, these complaints can lead to further distrust and a lack of faith in the higher education system.

Ensure Your Reputation Through Blockchain Paper® 

Stopping qualification fraud is one of the keys to having a secure academic reputation. Employers want to know their new hires completed a genuine course of study and gained a valid degree. Likewise, students want to know their investment in higher education is dependable and protected.

Advanced Secure Technologies prevents degree fraud with innovative, secure technologies and secure certificate printing.

Blockchain Paper® is our latest innovation and delivers unparalleled certification security combined with intelligent technologies to safeguard the integrity and reputation of the degree certificates and university.

We care about your degree security and protecting your university’s integrity.  To find out more, please get in touch with our Advanced Team or learn more about Blockchain Paper®.

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